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How To Be Happy?

What is happiness?  This is a very broad question that is very subjective.  Not all people feel the same way. What makes one happy might not be the same case for another individual. True happiness is what people try to find and work hard to achieve.
Nowadays, happiness is easily observed through material things like electronic gadgets, celphones, brand new clothes, and other expensive stuff that can boost one’s ego and self-esteem.  Sure enough these things might be amusing and entertaining at first but after a while, one would lose interest and crave for newer models.  Thus, such types of happiness are only temporary.
True happiness should be something that comes from inside a person.  It must not be forced and falsely created.  Many people search for this kind of happiness but they search in the wrong places.  They could not find it in their families or in those people whom they love so they look for it in drugs, alcohol, and bars.  But this is the wrong place to look for it.  If you are one of these people, stop and take a moment to look at yourself.  Find out what is missing.  If you could not determine what it is that you lack, here are some ways on how to be happy.


In 1970s, research found that people, a year after winning the lottery, went back to their previous disposition of happiness.  This just proves that money does not make one happy.  It may have an effect but it is just temporary.  In order to achieve long lasting happiness, one should change their attitude to life. This can be done by following one’s instincts in making decisions.  If you have difficulty choosing between two options, simply go with the one which feels right.  If you make the wrong decision, do not regret it. Take chances and make changes in your life.


Just earn money in order to meet basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter.  Remember that money does not guarantee happiness. It just assures you a comfortable life.


Staying close to family can increase one’s happiness. In today’s society, people would usually move because of work across the country or travel the whole world for it.  They do this thinking a high salary will make them happier, but what they do not know is that strong relationships have higher and greater effects to happiness.  Thus, before you plan on changing your address, think that you would need larger than $100,000 USD just to pay for whatever happiness you lose in your move away from your close relationships.  However, if you have no family or close friends, you might decide to move.  If you do so, make sure the location you pick gives you the same money people in that place make.  Based on research, people feel happier when they are financially secure.  They do not have to feel insecure because they feel they have the same footing as everybody else. 

How to be happy, does not involve a complicated process. These are only a few tips to help you achieve joyfulness and contentment.


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