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Happy To Be

There are many reasons why people should be happy and yet people still cannot find any.  It really actually depends on the person’s disposition and current state of mind.  There are those who are naturally happy and cheerful individuals.  They most often than not, do not need reasons to be happy.  There are also those who are depressed who need another person’s energy to see the world better and worth living in.  Still there are those who are too serious with their lives.  These people are too busy with their careers that they cannot even find time to smile.  Are you like the examples above or are you simply happy to be where you are right now?

Happiness is a key ingredient to a fulfilling life.  For this reason, many people search for it.  but their search turned out futile.  No amount of money, success, material goods, and stature in life, can give them the happiness they desire. 

Happiness cannot be achieved by getting married.  This is not the perfect solution as couples can have misunderstandings sometimes.  People enter in a relationship trying to make it perfect.  When something goes wrong, they fall out of love and lose interest.  Some people are happy to be single.  They might have wished to be with somebody but they enjoy the freedom that they are getting.  So they stick to this status.  If somebody comes along, they are open but even if nobody comes, they are still happy.  They might be alone but they are not lonely.  They feel happiness just by being loved by their friends and having the support of their families.

Some people desire to go abroad, go for a vacation in a tropical island, or explore the world.  These types of experiences are not just fun but also filled with learning.  However, only those who have the money can afford luxurious vacations such as these.  Instead of going abroad, they utilize what they have.  Some people visit local tourist attractions, taste the flavours of the area, and find interesting and fun ways of doing things to do without the additional costs.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity and inspiration. 

Happiness is not forever.  People feel a rainbow of emotions and so one might be joyous today and then sad the next day.  People should learn to choose their sources of happiness.  Giving to charities and to the poor can be a source of genuine happiness that warms the heart.  In the same way, being grateful also gives some kind of satisfaction that is of a different level from happiness obtained through partying in clubs.  It is even advisable that one keep a journal of the blessings one is thankful for.  By having this around, one will just open a few pages and read about the many things they have achieved and gained, and this will lift up their moods instantly.

Whether one is single or married, rich or poor, well-travelled, experienced, or successful in their lives, they are happy to be where they are if they feel contentment and satisfaction in their lives.


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