The pursuit of happiness...

Welcome to happiness.com.au where I hope that you will find happiness or learn techniques to become happy.

IPursuit of Happiness is a quest or search for the lasting joy and peace in our lives which signifies the real Happiness. True pursuit of Happiness thus lies not in striving towards some material goal to satisfy our egos, but a change in our attitude, way of thinking, and way of life.

Happiness Quotes

Happiness is the best medicine. Happiness is a matter of attitude. Here are some Happiness Quotes to keep you happy through out the day.

Undying, generous, and unconditional love, act, behaviour towards others helps us in achieving true happiness—happiness that will never end. Unselfish love towards others and satisfaction with ourselves is what should be the real Pursuit of Happiness. Realising our worth and brining out the good in us leads us on to the path of Happiness

In the pursuit of happiness you will become free from stress and worry.
The art of happiness is to be content with what you have and with what you don't have.
Happiness allows the mind to nurture the positive qualities in the self and others.
Happiness allows the sparkle of the mind to touch the heart of others.

There is nothing more important than happiness for without it the world is a sad place. But no one is happy all the time because the mind is constantly thinking and finding something negative to disturb our inner contentment. Your state of mind is the main determining factor that will create the way you feel.

We hope this site will be helpful in your journey to contentment and enlightenment.

Please explore this site, enjoy and relax.

Happiness eludes us all at various times therefore it is essential to discover techniques to free our mind from stress and worry this is our aim in creating this web site.

~Wishing you happiness and a stress free life~

Site Testimonials

I am so pleased to have discovered your site. I was meant to find you because I've had a lot going on lately and came to the realisation a few days ago that happiness really IS the be-all and end-all. It's the reason we're all here, the meaning of life and all that stuff! And to top it off you're Aussies! Yaaay! All the best and hope you're having a fantastic day :) I look forward to exploring your site further when my internet reception gets faster.. it'll happen!!
Love, Rachael. xx

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Happiness Disclaimer

happiness.com.au is formed with the mutual mission to give your mind a peaceful break with a smile on your face. A positive mind is the first step to happiness. This site helps you get on board.

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