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Divine Happiness

Divine Happiness is a virtue that is sought by all. Yet, it is destined for few. Falsely believed to be inherent in possession of material goods, name, fame, status in society, and satisfaction of our ego, Divine Happiness is beyond the grasp and understanding of most people in the world.

Experiencing Divine Happiness depends completely on the belief, thinking process, and understanding of an individual. Divine Happiness can be experienced by truly desiring it. It comes from within, when we understand its true meaning and worth.

Selfishness, the pursuit of material and transitory goods and beliefs, negative feelings, anger, greed, and other emotions and habits suppress the Divine Happiness to efface from within ourselves.

Abandoning negative feelings, denying our ego to avoid its inflation and pride, seeking and recognising the good and worthiness of all human beings, and above all, realising the blessings that has been showered on us are some ways in which we can realise our real goals in life.

Divine Happiness is above all other happiness. While ego and want satisfaction may lead to temporary joy and happiness, it fails to last. Divine Happiness is permanent, and when achieved engulfs us, enabling us to face every sorrow, misfortune, and set-back in our lives with increased vigour, faith in God, and confidence.

The pursuit of truth, self-denial when loving our loved ones, righteousness, kindness, and other virtues leads us on to the path of Divine Happiness. Real happiness is ingrained in acts which are made for the good of others even if it requires sacrifice in some way by us.

Divine Happiness is what truly happiness means. Distinct from the ordinary joys experienced by changes in our lives, Divine Happiness is permanent and the most beautiful virtue that we can experience in this world. For being happy for ever, that is what counts as real and Divine Happiness.


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