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Emotional Release Exercise

We all want to be happy.  However sometimes it is hard to retain a positive outlook when other emotions creep into our mind.  Presented below are simple, short term ways to release three of the most common negative emotions in order for you to find happiness.

A natural response to anger is to clench our fists. In order to make this relaxing, pick a small, hard object, such as a stone, and place it in the palm of your hand. Squeeze the object as hard as you can and let go. Rock the object gently in your hand as if making peace with it.

With sadness comes lethargy and unresponsiveness. So, when you feel sad, take yourself for a walk. Focus your attention on the things that you pass. It does not matter where you go or how often you have done the same walk. With each step you take, you are working through your feelings of melancholy. Try to respond positively to sights, sounds and smells.

When we feel jealous, our responses are to those of fear (jealousy often results from fear of loss). Our instinct is to fight, but instead of flying into a rage, gently run the fingers of one hand over the top of the other as if you were stroking a child’s hand in comfort. Each stroke smoothes away emotion, and you should be able to respond more calmly.


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