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Finding Happiness

It has been rightly said that happiness is a state of mind. The real happiness lies within the mind and not outside it. You cannot feel happy even if you are sitting in an orchard teeming with ripe, delicious fruits and fragrant flowers in full blossom in the spring time. TVs worldwide are beaming thousands of entertainment programs round the clock, but they cannot make all the viewers happy.

If riches and power could ensure happiness, the bold, beautiful, rich and the mighty would always remain happy.  The top-ranking Hollywood actors would never feel sad. The Bill Gates, Warren Buffets and Oprah Winfreys would always be happy.

We often hear the stories of the rich and the powerful men and women feeling depressed and committing suicides. On the other hand we also know about the poorest of the poor laughing with full abandon even though they may not have the provision for the next day’s breakfast. There is a Muslim sect called Mast Qalandars-- Dancing Mendicants. They are the true lovers of God. They remain so immersed in His love that they are often oblivious of their unkempt appearance, tattered clothes, and hungry stomachs. They keep dancing in sheer bliss as they wander around through the streets unmindful of what people are saying about them.

Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that change, entertainment and recreational activities are important sources of happiness.

Sometimes we feel sad and depressed because of the lack of interests, hobbies and activities which are essential for fostering mental health and self-esteem. So if you feel unhappy, you should cultivate and participate in such activities. They are most likely to reduce and cure depression, grief, and addiction, sudden bouts of anger, anxiety, diffidence, and feeling of guilt or other negative emotions.

Always try to keep appositive attitude. Even happy people face failures, disappointments, rejections, pain, sorrows, negative feelings and so on. But they maintain a positive attitude and gracefully accept these setbacks as normal happenings of life and take them in their stride while doing their best to remedy the problems.

How to Be Happy?

The key to being happy is knowing the things that would make you happy. There are many meaning where in a person may utilize the benefits of happiness. With this in hand, you should know your own definition of happiness. Try to seek the right kind of happiness t u need. Let your mind explore the possibilities ahead of you which in turn would provide you the joy you are waiting for. Here are some suggestions on how to be happy.


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