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Andrew Matthews in his book "Being Happy" says 'The world is a reflection of ourselves". Having a good self image of yourself is an incentive. Confident people always attract positive attention from people around them. So instead of saying "I can't do it", say "I will be able to do it." This would definitely improve others' impression of you. And they would more likely gyrate towards you, as they would be more confident when entrusting you to do things. In the process, you would make others happy which would also make you happy too. It is a circular interdependency process.

We do decide on what we want ourselves to be. If we tell ourselves that we are unhappy with something, we would definitely be unhappy even though we may not be so. But our body and brain believes what we want to believe. In the same way, if we tell ourselves that we are always happy and if we always look on the bright side of life, we would definitely live a life that is filled with happiness and positivism. Look into your life and ask yourself which part of my life am I unhappy about and if so, is it because I am really unhappy or is it because I just want to be unhappy with it? In most situations, by telling yourself that you are happy would rectify any unhappiness that you may experience.

"Most people are about as happy as they make up their mind to be"

-- Abraham Lincoln

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