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Happiness, roughly speaking, is a comprehensive term for a state of mind that is usually comprised of and probably much more than the feelings of contentment, achievement, fulfillment and peace of mind.

It is a kind of tickling, tingling, zinging, singing and a dancing sensation accompanied by a healthy and a joyous change in heart beat resulting from the faster circulation of blood. Each cell and tissue of the human body gets activated and experiences this pleasant sensation. There is a spring in the feet and also perhaps in the body and the person wishes that this experience should continue for ever.

Happiness occurs at various states and depth of intensity and acquires different characteristics which accord with that state.

Various states, shades or feelings of happiness can be described as:

  • bliss,
  • joy,
  • jubilation,
  • exultation,
  • gratification,
  • uplifted spirits,
  • cheerfulness,
  • playfulness,
  • amusement,
  • fun,
  • gladness,
  • delight,
  • elation,
  • ecstasy,
  • thrill and lot more.

Some people are happy because of their intrinsic nature. They refuse to go down the dumps whatever the circumstances. They do not need to be taught to be happy. They do not make any conscious effort to be happy and undisturbed.

The shadow of gloom over them occurs only for a short time and they return to their jovial self soon thereafter. Normal shortages and deprivations of life cannot cow them down. They are made up of brave and lively hearts.

Happiness exists in their genes and attitude. They take life in their stride. If you study their nature closely, you will find that such persons are always inclined to forget and forgive. They do not take any unpleasant situation or occurrence to their heart. It is in their nature to fly with the wind, to flow with the current and not to impose their will to oppose or change it. The result is that they can enjoy the feeling of flying—a metaphor for happiness-- or flowing effortlessly.

Just imagine the case of person lying blissfully in a boat which is being carried away by the cool current of the stream on a hot summer day. On the other hand, visualize the picture of a person panting, huffing and sweating even in the cold wind trying to paddle hard going in the opposite direction of the current in the same stream. This is not to denigrate the value of struggle to improve one’s circumstances. It is these brave souls that bring about the development and progress in the world. Probably both are happy in their own way. Some people enjoy struggling while others are happy at avoiding it.

Happiness lies in the attitude.

There is a third category as well. It consists of those persons who like being sad and morose. They enjoy gloating and wallowing about in the muck of sadness, probably like pigs in the poor lands. They are always ‘moody’, ’philosophical’—continually peeling off the layers of an onion.

Happiness is a matter of attitude.

We must, however, understand that we deserve to be happy. Happiness is our birth right. It is a biological necessity for healthy living. Unhappiness is a state of mental and physical sickness. We should not let our happiness evade us what ever the state of our health and circumstances. We should not allow others to forfeit it.

If it is not in our intrinsic nature - sanskars - to remain naturally happy, we should make conscious effort to develop an attitude that is compatible and conducive to being happy.

Happiness is an antidote to the poison of sad circumstances in our life.

Happiness is the best and most nutritious and vitalizing food. It is a positive biological process.

Happiness, whatever its level, shade or hue, creates certain enzymes and chemical changes in our body which are conducive to our health, wellbeing and longevity. If it is a golden rule not to give sorrow to anyone, it is a diamond rule not to receive sorrow from anyone or any situation.

Happiness in Life

Having a positive attitude may help you find happiness in your life. This will make you a better individual ready to face challenges given to you by destiny. Remember that everything is made out of chances. It is in your prerogative on how to resolve issues and take the decisions which involve you. With this, you must know that having a positive attitude will issue you benefits. Here are some benefits which you may have once you gain a positive attitude. Remember these benefits and know which are the ones you would love to have in the future.

What does 'Being Happy' means?

What does it mean to be happy?  Is the happiness you are feeling now true or is it just pretend?  How does one become truly happy?  These questions should be asked by every person trying to find happiness in life.  Happiness is false when one’s happiness causes others to be unhappy.  Happiness is a right and so whatever one’s status in life is, they can achieve it.  Some people believe that they do not deserve to be happy and so they refuse anything that will let them be.  They shy away from people who love them and make them happy and accept it as a fact that they will forever remain unhappy as it is their destiny.  If you are one of these people, wake up! You can be happy by remember to follow the steps given here.

How Being Happy Helps You

Living your life in a positive way can leave a happy mark on your face. If you are happy to be with your family members, fight your time to spend time with them. If you are happy to be able to serve others in terms of public service, volunteer in your council and let the people know you care for them. There are many things you can do in order to be happy.

"I am Happy" in...

Saying I am happy in different languages. One should be able to express themselves in many other languages. With this, stated here are some common languages which will translate into I am happy. I am happy in different languages can provide one the idea on how people on a certain place express their happiness. Learning these simple languages is easy!

Happiness Disclaimer

happiness.com.au is formed with the mutual mission to give your mind a peaceful break with a smile on your face. A positive mind is the first step to happiness. This site helps you get on board.

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