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Pursuit of Happiness

Is Pursuit of Happiness an illusionary quest or a reality? What does Pursuit of Happiness really mean?

Pursuit of Happiness is what individuals strive for. Yet few realise the true meaning of Happiness. Most of us strive for an illusionary quest, which we believe and see as the real Pursuit of Happiness.

Happiness is a virtue whose definition defers from one individual to another. For most, Pursuit of Happiness lies in pursuing one’s dreams, dream partners, job, an education degree, material objects, and others. However, the pleasure or joy derived from pursuing the aforementioned things is short-lived. Such Pursuit of Happiness is indeed illusionary, as it fails to last forever. Thus, we search for Happiness, without realising the true path to it.

Pursuit of Happiness is a quest or search for the lasting joy and peace in our lives which signifies the real Happiness. True pursuit of Happiness thus lies not in striving towards some material goal to satisfy our egos, but a change in our attitude, way of thinking, and way of life.

Undying, generous, and unconditional love, act, behaviour towards others helps us in achieving true happiness—happiness that will never end. Unselfish love towards others and satisfaction with ourselves is what should be the real Pursuit of Happiness. Realising our worth and brining out the good in us leads us on to the path of Happiness.

Satisfaction with what we have, gratification for what God has blessed us with, suppression of our ego, self-denial when thinking about our loved ones, pursuit of righteousness, truth, and abandonment of greed, selfishness, jealousy, and others are ways that lead us to the path of Divine Happiness or the Pursuit of Happiness.

Pursuit of Happiness, therefore, does not lie in our attempts to fulfil our long-cherished desires and other mundane objects. Such happiness is transitory, as opposed to the real Happiness, which stays for all times to come.


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