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PONDERING: Stress in Perspective

  1. When your kids are giving you a headache and you just want to scream at them to stop, think of the childless couple who can't get one of their own to love.
  2. Think about all the positive life experience that you have had, don't get stuck about thinking about the negative events only.
  3. When you are upset over petty stuff or have had an argument with a person that you dearly love, think of the people around you who have lost their loved ones and would never see them again.
  4. When you are complaining about how your family or friends are too critical think of their positive qualities and give them the gift of your positive thoughts.
  5. When you think that you are putting on extra weight and are discontent about it. Be grateful and think of those people who do not have the security of knowing when their next meal will come.
  6. When you find yourself complaining about life in general, think of how you can change the situation that you are in, work on the solutions.
It is hard to smile while the world around you seems to be crumbling. But keep in mind that times have been tough before, and we recovered. And so we will again.

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