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Happiness Quotes

The first and foremost virtue of a human soul is happiness. Happiness is our birthright. We must try to remain happy whatever our circumstances.

The secret of being happy is to live in the present and enjoy it. A man was falling down from a skyscraper. When asked how he was feeling, he replied, “Oh, excellent at the moment.”

Happiness is the best medicine. If it is true that most of our ailments are caused by sadness and depression, it is equally true that most of our ailments can be cured by happiness. Laughter is the best antidote to depression. While depression and fear cause toxins in our body, the thrill of happiness provides the necessary exercise to cleanse our system off those toxins.

Happiness comes from self-satisfaction and contentment. It comes from counting our blessings. When asked how he felt when a patient was deprived of his one leg, he replied, “I can walk with a crutch, see and smell the flowers around, eat and drink. I am much better than a blind man or a person with both his legs gone.”

A man who was deprived of his belongings remarked, “I have nothing to worry about now. I shall sleep peacefully at night. There is nothing that anyone can steal from me.”

Happiness is a matter of attitude. It is a way of looking at the blessings of life. A half filled glass is half empty for a person who has a pessimistic outlook and wallows in sadness. It is half full for an optimistic person who enjoys seeing the positive aspect of life.

One way to see the paradise on earth is to see a truly blissful and contented person. Happiness is a way of showing your gratitude to your Creator, while sadness means finding faults with his Creation. You must remember that you are rewarded with more happiness by your Creator if you show Him your gratitude through happiness and are punished more if you find faults with His creation through grumbling and protest.


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