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Saying I am happy in different languages. One should be able to express themselves in many other languages. With this, stated below are some common languages which will translate into I am happy. I am happy in different languages can provide one the idea on how people on a certain place express their happiness. Learning these simple languages is easy. Remembering the terms in different language can be of great help once you want to express your happiness in a foreign place.

Translations are normally utilized to express one’s self in foreign languages. There are many online translators found online. With this, you will not get tongue-tied when dealing with foreign people. Along with this, knowing how to say I am happy in different languages can help you in expressing yourself fully in other people. Here are some translations of the sentence “I am happy”. Learn these phrases and continue to be happy.

African - Ek is gelukkig
Albania - Unë jam i lumtur
Armenian - Yes yerjanik yem,
Azerbaijan - Mən şadam
Basque - Ez nago pozik
Belarusian - JA ščaslivy
Bengali - Āmi khuśi
Bulgarian - Az sŭm shtastliv
Catalan - Estic feliç
Chinese - Wǒ hěn gāoxìng
Croatian - Az sŭm shtastliv
Czech - Jsem rád
Danish - Jeg er glad
Dutch - Ik ben blij
English - I am happy
Estonian - Ma olen õnnelik
Filipino - Ako ay masaya
Finnish - Olen onnellinen
French - Je suis heureux
Galician - Estou feliz
Georgian - mokharuli var
German - Ich bin froh
Greek - Eímai charoúmenos
Gujarati - Eímai charoúmenos
Haitian Creole - Mwen kontan
Hindi - I am happy
Hungarian - Boldog vagyok
Icelandic - Ég er ánægð
Idonesian - Saya senang
Irish - Tá áthas orm
Italian - Sono felice
Japanese - Watashi wa shiawasedesu
Kanada - Nānu khuṣiyindiddēne
Korean - nan haengboghae
Latin - Pellentesque aliquam ipsum
Latvian - Es esmu laimīgs
Lithuanian - Esu laimingas
Macedonian - Jas sum sreḱen
Malay - Saya gembira
Norwegian - Jeg er glad
Polish - Jestem szczęśliwy
Portuguese - Estou feliz
Romanian - Sunt fericit
Russian - YA schastliv
Serbian - Srećan sam
Slovak - Som rád,
Slovenian - Vesel sem,
Spanish - Estoy feliz
Swahili - Nina furaha
SWedish - Jag är glad
Tamil - Nāṉ cantōṣamāka irukkiṟēṉ
Telugu - Nēnu santōṣaṅgā unnānu
Thai - P̄hm mī khwām s̄uk̄h
Turkish - Ben mutluyum
Ukranian - YA shchaslyvyy̆
Vietnamese - Tôi hạnh phúc
Welsh - Rwy'n hapus

Remember to stay happy always. You should not hinder yourself from smiling every single day. It can provide you benefits both in mental and emotional health. Do not forget that the days ahead should not be celebrated in pessimism. Know what are the things that make you happy. Strive hard in achieving these things to let yourself be pleasured. Being happy is such a joyous feeling. It lets you stay positive at all times. I may help you get confident in life’s challenges. Keep on thanking the days ahead of you.


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