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Happy – a smile, a good cheer, a sign of delight and a good feeling, this word spells a lot of meaning.  It is a positive feeling expressed in a multitude of ways. 

In today’s world, most people are bothered, depressed, lonely, and frustrated.  And one might even say that it is hard to stay happy with all the chaos and misfortune happening around.  This might be the case.  But if you let all the things happening in your surrounding get the best of you, you lose.

Being happy is a personal choice.  It might not be the current feeling or experience you are having, but you can make it that way by thinking positively.  If you feel down today, simply think about what less privileged people do not have.  Think about what you have that are priceless.  More than your home, your possessions, your talents and skills, you have a family who loves you or if you don’t have a family, just remember somebody who loves you so much.  Just the thought of that person is enough reason to smile despite the hardships.  If you see the good things in your life, you will see how blessed you are.  You will see just how lucky you are just to even be alive.  If you learn to appreciate these little things, it will be hard for depression to take over you.

Being happy is a contagious experience.  Notice how it is that when you try to smile at a person even if they are a complete stranger to you that they would try to smile back?  If you do a good thing to a person, that person becomes thankful and shares his most precious smile.  If he is too inspired, he might just do the same thing you did to others. 

One does not need to be rich in order to be happy.  All that is required is a contented heart and a loving soul.  If one is contented, he will be joyful despite the little that he has and appreciate the little things given to him.  When one is a loving person, he will be happy for others success and remain supportive of those close to his heart.  But few people remain with this attitude today.  The world screams competition.  Life is always a race for others that whoever shows up on top wins. 

One should stay childlike in spirit as well for children are easily appreciative, contented, and do not hold grudges.  For when one holds a grudge, this will only create anger, hatred, and disgust in one’s heart.  This will only prevent the formation of love and trust in others; and peace and happiness in oneself.

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When one is happy, they stay younger longer.  They have good and lasting relationships and more friends as well.

Physically, they look better with fewer wrinkles.  They are also at lower risk for contracting illnesses of the heart like stroke and hypertension.  Clearly, there are more benefits to being happy than being grouchy.  So stay happy today.


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